Troubleshooting Steps for Heat or Hot water Problems:

No heat or hot water? Try some of the following troubleshoot steps before calling us. Itmight save you a service call and get things back to normal immediately. If you do not feelcomfortable performing any of the steps below, please do not hesitate to call us at 781-275-1343 and we will send someone right out to give you a hand.

Check Your Themostat

Set the thermostat 5 degrees above the room temperature. If it is a clock thermostat,make sure it is timed correctly. If this does not jumpstart your heat, continue with theother steps.


Check Electrical Switches

Make certain that all switches affecting the oil burner are “ON”


Check Your Oil Tank

Take a look at the gauge on your oil tank to be sure there is oil in the tank and the oil line valve is open.


Press Red Safety Button

This is on the burner control box, which is usually located on the burner itself.

**CAUTION: If the burner runs for only a minute or two and shuts off again, DO NOTPRESS THE BUTTON AGAIN!

Examine Electrical Fuses

Check for blown fuses in the meter fuse box and main burner switch box. Replace with new 15 ampere fuses. Screw in tightly


Check Pressure Gauge (with hot water heater check thermometer)

If pressure or temperature is high, the limit control may have stopped the burner. If so,burner should re-start when the pressure or temperature drops.


Check Boiler Water Level

If your boiler is equipped with a low water cut-off, make sure that the water in the boiler gauge glass is at the “water line” (usually about half way up the glass). If the level is low, open the water feed valve until correct level is restored. Then close valve tightly.


Please follow these troubleshooting steps precisely. If this does not restore your heat or hot water, call us immediately at 781-275-1343.

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