Silver Service Plan

Price: $280 per year; $50 per additional unit in the same single family home

The Silver plan features all the Bronze plan offers, plus priority service and labor for replacingcovered parts 24 hrs a day 365 days a year. It also entitles you to a significant discount for RER’scentral air conditioning plan (just $100 if you are a Silver customer).

Parts covered by the Silver plan include:

  • More than 2x covered parts.
  • flue pipe and draft regulator
  • retention head
  • oil burner head
  • air tube
  • thermal switch
  • firo-matic valves
  • draw assembly
  • zone valve heads
  • Honeywell zone valve motors
  • oil safety valve
  • oil burner fan
  • all cad cell safety relays
  • anti-hum device
  • standard non programmable thermostats
  • oil solenoid valve
  • low voltage transformer
  • blower shaft and bearings
  • fan belt, blower motor up to 1/3 hp
  • fan limit switch
  • one primary zone circulator relay
  • circulator motors and couplings
  • energy kinetics proving switch and digital sensor
  • energy kinetics single and dual aquastat controls
  • stack switch
  • pressure troll switch
  • transformer
  • igniter control

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