Gold Service Plan

PRICE: $350 per year; $50 per additional unit in the same single family home

What makes the Gold Service plan the Best of our service offerings? For starters, it puts you at the head of the line 24 hours a day, 365 a year. It also entitles you to a significant discount for RER’s central air conditioning plan (just $100 if you are a Gold customer).

The Gold Service Plan entitles you to all the features of the Bronze and Silver service plans, plus priority service and labor for replacing covered parts. Parts covered by the Gold plan include:

  • Added water related parts
  • up to 1/12 hp circulators
  • up to 1/12 hp circulator cartridges
  • circulator gaskets
  • boiler T&P gauge
  • boiler relief valves
  • tank-less coil relief valves
  • triple aquastats
  • high temperature safety switches
  • ¾ zone valve bodies
  • zone valve end switches
  • dual aquastats
  • # 15, #30 & #60 expansion tanks
  • boiler feed and backflow
  • domestic hot water tank relief valve
  • coin vents and auto air vents on boiler
  • steam gauge glass and gaskets
  • flow check valves up to 1 ¼”
  • hot water tankless coil ½ mix valves
  • energy kinetics 5 zone manager
  • ½” & ¾” draw off valves
  • circulator zone relays
  • swimming pool plate heat exchanger springtime re-install/fall removal

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