Central Air Conditioning Service Agreement

To help keep your central air system running at peak efficiency, RER’s Central Air Conditioning service contract allows for:

  • Priority service during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 7 30am to 4 pm, excluding holidays.
  • One annual check-up. Service includes:
    • inspect all visible wiring and fittings
    • lubrication as needed
    • replacement of air filter (customer to provide replacement filter)
    • check the temperature difference between the supply and return across the evaporator coil
    • check fan belt for proper tension, check all visible ductwork for tightness and possible leaks, flush p trap and check drain line for integrity
    • check condensate pump for operation
    • check the outside condenser coil and fan for cleanliness; wash coil if needed for additional charge at time of tune up.
    • check Freon piping for integrity
    • check main disconnect for operation, check fuses, check amperage of unit running, check safety controls, check for corrosion and damage.
  • Parts covered:
    • standard non programmable thermostat
    • hard start kit
    • condenser contactor
    • capacitors
    • filter dryer
    • outside electrical whip
    • outdoor disconnect switch
    • fuses
    • condenser fan
    • piston orifice
    • blower motor up to 1/3 hp
    • site glass
    • time delay switch
    • low voltage transformer
    • external crankcase heater
    • low and high pressure switches
    • safety limit switches
  • SAVE- Silver or Gold heating contract customers can add central air condition service contract for $100 more


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