Bronze Service Plan

Price: $160 per year; $50 per additional unit in the same single family home

To help keep your heating system running at peak efficiency, our Bronze service contract coversthe following:

  • Labor for replacing covered parts, during normal work hours, Monday through Friday,7:30am to 4pm, excluding holidays. After hour calls will be billed at R E R’s standardrates for parts and labor.
  • One annual tune up of main heating system


Parts covered by the Bronze plan include:

  • oil burner transformer/igniter
  • standard oil burner motor
  • Electrodes
  • jet line, nozzle
  • single stage oil pump
  • basic cad cell safety relay
  • cad cell eye
  • service switch
  • oil burner coupling
  • cad cell harness and leads
  • oil pump strainer and gasket
  • oil filter and gasket

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