Service Contract Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all R.E.R. Fuel service contracts. Those terms and conditions include:

  1. Residents of the dwelling’s sole responsibility is to notify R.E.R. for any emergencies. Heating customers must purchase all their heating oil from R.E.R. on automatic delivery and maintain their account in accordance with R.E.R.’s credit terms. Air conditioning contracts are available to all our customers that maintain their account with R.E.R. We reserve the right to cancel any contract at our discretion.
  2. Parts covered are listed in the service plan agreement. If the part is not listed with corresponding contract, it is not covered. R.E.R. cannot guarantee replacement of obsolete parts.
  3. Service will be performed as soon as possible under normal conditions. R.E.R. shall not be held liable for delays or failure to provide any service or material when such a delay is beyond our control. In no event shall we be held liable for any consequential damages or injury.
  4. The customer is responsible for calling to schedule annual tune-ups and service. There are no refunds for service contracts for which the customer failed to schedule a service. There are no refunds for a failed tune-up performance that is beyond our control.
  5. Non emergency calls, minor leaks, and no hot water calls will be covered during normal business
    hours. Non emergency calls preformed after normal hours will be billed at R.E.R.’s standard rates.
  6. This agreement does not cover the following items, which are the owners responsibility:
    1. Venting air out of radiators
    2. Flushing low water cut offs
    3. Maintaining correct water level
    4. Providing adequate room ventilation for proper combustion
    5. Providing open clearances around the heating and or air conditioning systems and oil tank(s) for proper service and operation
    6. Properly removing any dangerous material
    7. Monitoring unattended property
    8. Maintaining clean air filters
    9. Replacing fuses and resetting circuit breakers
    10. Turning on switches
    11. Programming thermostats
    12. Replacing batteries
    13. Maintaining the condition of the chimney
    14. Maintaining adequate fuel level
    15. Maintaining fuel tank(s), fuel piping and oil lines.
  7. Damages caused by flood, fire, lighting, power failures, rotted pipes, sediment in pipes or fixtures, or any condition beyond R.E.R’s control are not covered.
    1. Printed circuit boards, computers, ECM motors, and variable speed motors are also not covered
  8. Service contracts are non refundable after 60 days or the first service call and will renew annually on the anniversary, unless otherwise noted. If customer does not pay the renewal fee, this agreement terminates at the end of the last previous accepted period of the agreement.
  9. By renewing, customer acknowledges complete performances of all previous obligations with R.E.R. are satisfied.
    1. Contracts are transferable to the new owner of your property at no charge if the new owner agrees to these terms. R.E.R. reserves the right to inspect systems or to have a 30-day waiting period prior to rendering service.
    2. No preexisting conditions will be covered. If corrections are needed, it will be done and billed to customer at standard R.E.R. rates.

By signing/ purchasing any contract you agree to all these terms and conditions.

Sign Date

Please check plans needed below and total

Bronze Service Plan $160.00

Additional Bronze plans $50.00 each in the same single family home

Silver service plan $280.00

Additional Silver plans $50.00 each in the same single family home

Add the Air Conditioning agreement for $100.00

Gold service plan $350.00

Additional Gold plans $50.00 each in the same single family home.

Add Air Conditioning agreement for $100.00

Air conditioning plan $240.00

Additional a/c plans $50.00 each in the same single family home

SAVE-Add this plan to our Silver or Gold plans for only $100.00 more.